Listicle: 5 lesser-known New Brunswick attractions

Listicle: 5 lesser-known New Brunswick attractions

New Brunswick — The Picture Province has many famous landmarks and natural attractions that draw dozens of tourists each year. Sites such as the Hopewell Rocks, Magnetic Hill and King’s Landing, among others, have been popular crowd-pleasers for decades. What tourists and residents alike may not know, however, are these lesser-known attractions that would make New Brunswickers just as proud.

1. The Tiny Wrench of Zealand: In response to the erection of the “World’s Largest Axe” in Nackawic, the mayor of Zealand, after securing an ACOA grant for $109,000, purchased an adjustable wrench, which he nailed to tree in the village centre, proudly putting his community back on the map of places to forget and avoid.


2. The Market of Regrettable Foods: Located in Saint John, this farmers’ market has been in business for years, offering regrettable artisan food choices such as cantaloupe on a rope, mystery meatballs, duck feather soup and fiddlehead gelato. A visitor to the market recently stated, “My Lord! What in God’s name?”


3. Misery Coast: This scenic coastal area stretching from Miramichi to Campbellton along the province’s North Shore offers views of closed businesses, abandoned homes, poutine shacks and crumbling infrastructure. Of special note is the rainbow of colours on the hundreds of For Sale signs.


4. The Moose Fence Scenic Drive: Strike north from Moncton along the Trans-Canada Highway, set the cruise control, sit back and enjoy 440 kilometres of repetitive moose fencing. This monument to New Brunswick’s savage wildlife — made of the finest galvanized steel — stands as a stark reminder that moose and cars don’t mix.


5. The Haunted Legislature Building: Located in Fredericton, this hollow shell of a structure, once the provincial legislature but now mainly abandoned and in disrepair, is rumoured to still echo with the tortured wails of New Brunswick’s hardworking politicians from the past, riding the gravy train and living high on the hog while decimating the province’s economy and encouraging emigration. Ghost tours are offered. Some even say that on a hot summer day you can smell the bullshit in the air.