Children across province eagerly anticipate another ‘heat day’

Children across province eagerly anticipate another ‘heat day’

New Brunswick — After almost every school in the province’s Anglophone West School District sent students home on Monday due to extreme heat warnings, a new culture of childhood anticipation was created.

Forget “snow days,” kids are now looking forward to another “heat day.”

As children across the province cuddled into bed, sweating profusely and hoping that the morning would bring news of yet another day with a temperature more akin to a desert tundra than Canada in late spring, many parents attempted to nip this excitement in the bud.

“I told Cole that this wasn’t something to be happy about,” one mother told The Manatee. “I explained that this was because of climate change, and that it was happening because people weren’t taking care of our planet. He…Well, he didn’t react like I hoped he would.”

In fact, he responded by running around the house, turning on electrical appliances, flushing the toilet repeatedly and mixing the recyclable bin in with the trash in an effort to expedite the process, she explained.

“This makes much more sense than putting our pajamas on inside-out,” said Cole, excitedly. “If this is is what climate change means, then I’m glad this is the world we’re going to grow up in.”

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