Search for name has Digdeguash band in limbo

What’s in a name? A great deal for this Digdeguash band

Digdeguash — What’s in a name? If you are 4 musicians from this community on the scenic shores of Passamaquoddy Bay, a name is everything. This trio plus a drummer is on the cusp of fame and fortune, armed with an album of songs surely to thrust them into stardom, except for one little snag: the band can’t decide on a name. And with their first CD to be self-titled and a tour of local Legions lined up, having a band name with which fans can associate is very important.

bandname“We sat around for weeks, brainstorming on band names, which wasted most of the time we had to record the album,” lead vocalist and van driver Andy “Big Wheels” Leblanc said. “We made a long list and bounced the names off our fans, friends and family. We had to drop ‘The Plastic Applicators’ and ‘Chorus of Booze’ right away because my grandmother didn’t approve. ‘RedMeat’ was too political, and ‘Sucking Chest Wound’ was too easy to spell wrong.”

Rollie “Inbox” Boxleiter continued, “I liked ‘The Rinse,’ but people were like, what are you rinsing out? Empties?”

But who is the band behind the lack of a name? It is comprised of Leblanc (lead vocals, van driver), Boxleiter (5-string and 6-string guitar, vocals), “The Veg” (bass, tambourine) and the guy who fills in to play drums on weekends, whose name might be Mikey. They describe their sound as “retro-progressive, with an undercurrent of the industrial Celtic that is hot in Iceland right now.” Leblanc was adamant, however, that the bad refuses to be categorized into any one genre.

The following names remain among the band’s favourites:  “The Dull Skates,” “Nice Lice,” “We Understand That You’re not Entirely Into Us” and “HeadButter.”

The band will soon be posting the short list of band names on their Facebook page and encouraging fans to vote for their favourite. The new, yet-to-be-titled CD by this yet-to-be-named band will drop in late July. The first single off the album is expected to be “She Sells Selfies.”