Summerside publisher turns down ad money in favour of ‘thoughts and prayers’

Summerside publisher turns down ad money in favour of ‘thoughts and prayers’

Summerside — A brand-new Summerside magazine has been making more advertising revenue than editor-in-chief Jim MacKenzie would like; the fledgling publisher is shunning money and asking instead for “thoughts and prayers,” which he and his volunteer staff consider to be more valuable.

The community-focused magazine, Our Side, covering the people and happenings of Summerside, hopes that advertisers will “purchase” space with good vibes rather than traditional dollars.

“Yeah, it’s great that people are throwing money at the project and that they’d like to get their names into every home in the city,” said MacKenzie, “but just once I’d like someone to say ‘good luck,’ you know? Or even something like ‘not right now but when it’s published I’ll think about it.’”

The Manatee reached out to businesses in the area, and all had nothing but good things to say about Our Side. “I just know it’s going to be great once it gets rolling,” said Brad Knight, owner of a nearby Ford dealership who purchased ad space. “From the sample article Jim showed me, to the introductory video, I was hooked. I signed a cheque instantly. I hope he didn’t throw it out.” 

Only one member of the business community, a marriage counsellor, has no plan to take out an ad.

“It’s disgusting — wanting to plaster my name and face in people’s homes?! I’m already too busy,” said Dr. Emily-Anne Smythe. “I can’t possibly imagine how my writing an advertorial would help the people here. I have enough clients as it is!” She then ushered our reporter out and slammed the door behind her.

The inaugural issue of the magazine has been pushed to summer 2017. MacKenzie said he will be donating any money he makes over and above the cost of printing to the Prince County Hospital.

“That said, I certainly won’t turn down any best wishes, positive affirmations, or warm-hearted regards.”

  1. this is hilarious. I especially liked the one about Tims being unhappy with road and pedestrian restrictions. But I notice as well that Tims is a hangout place for the likes of Andrew Scheer and Pierre Polievre. Is there a reason for that?


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