‘Beers & Brushes’ gives Maritimers opportunity to pay to paint houses

‘Beers & Brushes’ gives Maritimers opportunity to pay to paint houses

Miramichi — A Maritime entrepreneur is set to launch his new venture this coming weekend. “Beers & Brushes,” the brainchild of Chad Murphy of Miramichi, N.B., will capitalize on the popularity of  paint events that have swept Atlantic Canada over the last few years.

Rather than gathering people for instruction on how to complete their one-of-a-kind art pieces, Murphy’s parties will serve a more pragmatic purpose: teaching people how to paint the interior walls of other people’s houses.

“Well it all started when my buddy Micheal offered me a couple hundred bucks to paint his house if he got all the paint, rollers and brushes… I said ‘sure’ but I was kind of drunk. When I sobered up I realized that would take way too much time and I don’t really like working, but a deal is a deal!” exclaimed Murphy.

“Then I thought to myself, if people will pay up to $50 for a night out with a couple glasses of wine and their own crappy picture of a sunset, maybe they’d pay to help me paint his living room, too.”

The structure of his event will be similar to those put on by East Coast Art Party. Murphy has already garnered interest from young professionals who have never done physical labour in their lives.

Joey McCarthy, a 25-year-old dental hygienist, looks forward to the first event. “I’m not much of an artist… I probably couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler, but I know I can probably use a paint roller to cover a wall with some primer,” he admitted. “I’m not a real ‘manual labour’ type of guy either, so this is a great way to try my hand at it and have no worries about screwing up the walls in my own house.”

McCarthy and other participants will each pay $50 to help Murphy paint the interior of a house. For his first job, 10 to 15 strangers will gather and receive one beer each for every half-hour of work.

“Bud or Coors Light only! Nothing fancy like Stella Artois, Heineken or any of those hipster craft beers,” Murphy emphasized. “I get the beer from Quebec too, so even if they work three hours, I’m only out about six bucks.”

Murphy went onto detail his role as paint coordinator and supervisor. “I’m not just sitting back doing nothin’ either. I tell them if they missed any spots, got any paint on anything or if they’re putting too much paint on the rollers.”

According to Murphy, this is a win-win-win.

“My lazy buddy’s getting his house painted, the painters are getting a night out, and I’m finding a way to finally earn some money!” explained Murphy, who was laid off out West last year,”thanks to that no-good Trudeau.”

“My E.I. is running out soon but if I can get a job for ‘Beers & Brushes’ every weekend, I can make even more than top stamp!”

  1. This is totally rediculous ..somehow hes collecting EI?? And does he have a liqour license?? How is he able to interprovince without permits??


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