Facebook notifies Dieppe man that friends interested in event near him, man wonders why he wasn’t invited

Facebook notifies Dieppe man that friends interested in event near him, man wonders why he wasn’t invited

Dieppe — Monday afternoon was filled with emotion for Dieppe resident Darcy Lafleur. He checked into his Facebook account sometime after lunch and his heart began to race with excitement once he saw that little red symbol indicating that he had a new notification.

“My mind was filtering all the possibilities,” he recalled. “I hadn’t posted anything in days, so I knew it wasn’t a like or comment, it was too late in the day to get a birthday reminder, I didn’t have any events coming up — I was hesitating to click on the red dot because I was really enjoying the mystery of the whole thing.”

Lafleur went on to tell The Manatee that he was fantasizing about what the notification could be for.

“Maybe someone has tagged me in a post where they’re thanking me for something nice I’ve recently done?” he wondered aloud. “Then I thought that it might be that cashier from Tims that I’m always staring at — maybe she noticed my name on my Visa card and declared her love for me on my wall.”

The 26-year-old Arbonne salesman quickly went from elation to deflation as he finally broke down and clicked on the notification, which revealed that some of his friends were interested in attending an event near him later that day.

“My heart sank when I read it,” Lafleur sadly confessed. “I saw that Suze and Alexander were attending some event near me. I didn’t bother looking up what it was, and I just felt so hurt that they wouldn’t think to invite me — so close to my house.”

Our reporter searched out the aforementioned Suze and Alexander and found that they had no recollection of which event they were interested in attending on Monday, and furthermore, neither of them seemed completely sure who Darcy Lafleur was.

“I think maybe he’s my second cousin or something,” suggested Alexander Gould. “I really don’t know him at all. And I have no idea what event I was interested in going to… sometimes I go to the Burger King in Dieppe because the one downtown is too busy I guess — is Burger King considered an event?”

Suze Yandle, a 30-year-old mother of 2, thinks that she may have bought some Arbonne products from Lafleur once or twice.

“It’s getting pretty hard to keep track of now,” Yandle admitted. “It seems like so many people are selling that stuff nowadays. I think that guy had some promotion on once where if you accept his friend request, share his page, like his page and tag him in a post saying ‘Darcy Lafleur is great at selling Arbonne’ he gave you 50% off of your first purchase. I meant to un-friend him afterwards, but I guess I totally forgot that he existed.”

Yandle also said she’d been feigning interest at attending a Peekaboo Beans party at one of her co-worker’s homes in Dieppe that day and that must have been the event in question.

“I was never really planning on going,” she admitted. “I just didn’t want to say no to her. So I figured it was better if I kept her on the hook by saying I was planning on going and then just not showing up — I didn’t wan t to disappoint her.”

Lafleur said that in an act of protest toward their supposed friendships, he un-friended both Yandle and Gould for not sharing their interest in attending an event with him. Both Yandle and Gould were visibly unfased by the un-friending.

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