Fredericton singles won’t let orange phase dampen excitement for literally anything happening during FROSTival

Fredericton singles won’t let orange phase dampen excitement for literally anything happening during FROSTival

Fredericton — Before the whole province turned into a giant orange zone, the City of Fredericton was gearing up for its yearly winter festival, aimed at getting people out of their warm houses and spending money downtown during the most frigid months of the year. And no one in the city was more excited than local singles, who have been cooped up with their bubble families and annoying roommates for almost an entire year.

Dwight Duffy, 28, who has been unemployed and living in his parents’ basement this year, was excited to “mingle” at the button-making workshop offered at the Fredericton Public Library.

“I hope it’s still on. I was so excited to gaze across the room at other singles, the way I used to at bars,” said Duffy. “I was hoping to make some serious eye contact.”

When asked how this might result in a possible romance, Duffy said he had a plan. “See, what I’d do is make the eye contact, then take a ton of selfies and post them on social media, hashtagging #buttonguy and #buttonsRmylife and hopefully that would land me my button-making hottie, at least virtually.”

Buttons weren’t the only things attracting singles to FROSTival events in Fredericton. The library also planned to host a storytime event for bubble families.

Chantal MacPherson, 37, of Lincoln, says she hoped to meet the single dad of her dreams at this event.  “I mean, you have to register in advance, and you’re supposed to have a kid with you, but are they really checking?”

When asked about the creep-factor of showing up in a mask at a children’s event, for the sole purpose of picking up a single dad, MacPherson explained her reasoning: “Well, it’s no more creepy than catfishing on Tinder. Am I right?”

The highlight of the festival for most singles appeared to be the James Mullinger comedy show, but not for James Mullinger’s comedy, obviously.

“I just love his accent!” said local travel enthusiast Twila Perkins, 34. “He’s as close as I’m going to get to England anytime soon. And I know he’s married but he’s one of the only decent-looking comedians in existence, so he’s nice to look at.”

Perkins also planned to come to the Mullinger show for Covid-style flirting. “I’d bring extra masks, just so I could toss them on stage and have someone look my way,” she said excitedly. “Masks are like underwear these days.”

Fingers are crossed in the hope that Fredericton FROSTival will still run in the orange level. Singles and non-singles alike are looking forward to fun activities like seniors’ ski tours and the Boyce Farmers’ Market, which is apparently an actual event now.

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