Gallant, Higgs agree to joint custody of New Brunswick

Gallant, Higgs agree to joint custody of New Brunswick

Fredericton — New Brunswick Liberals and Tories called a family meeting on Tuesday to announce that there will be some big changes happening at the House, but it’s not anything that anyone should be worried about.

In a historic and unconventional custody agreement, Brian Gallant and Blaine Higgs announced today that they will share power in the New Brunswick Legislature.

With neither side being able to agree to full custody, the bitter political parties have negotiated a joint custody arrangement through their attorneys.  Each party will each take turns running the government every other week, and then alternating on weekends. Major holidays and birthdays remain to be negotiated.

“New Brunswickers know that Blaine and I have been having problems,” said Gallant. “We’ve tried to fix this, but things aren’t working out. This compromise is really best for everyone involved.

“We both love New Brunswickers very much and we want what’s best for them. Joint custody seems like the best way to move forward for now.”

“We also want New Brunswickers to know that this is not their fault in any way,” said Higgs softly. “Brian and I just want different things, and we need to spend time apart. But, we are still a family.

“There is no wrong way to feel about this,” he reassured. “It just is what it is, Champ.”

The Liberals will take the first turn in power starting next week. The following week, the Liberals will leave and stay at an apartment downtown while the Tories move into the House.

“Over time, we’ll introduce New Brunswickers to David Coon, but it’s not really the appropriate time right now for them to meet a new partner,” said Gallant. “I think it would be confusing and stressful for them. We’ll wait until the time is right.”

Also under the terms of the agreement, New Brunswickers will have supervised visitation with the People’s Alliance Party. “We’ll have to take it slow with those folks,” said Higgs. “They are mostly harmless…just don’t talk about politics around them!”


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