New Brunswick man solves the Google Internet

New Brunswick man solves the Google Internet

Bathurst — Emile Doucet, a 68-year-old retired high school teacher, recently discovered a little-known secret for visiting websites on the Internet and wants to get this information out to as many people as possible.

“Well, I was sitting down to check my sports scores, as I sometimes have to do using the Google Internet,” he said. “I bring up the Google Internet on my computer and tell it to bring up the TSN simply by typing in ‘TSN.’ There’s always a bunch of things that show up in the list, but I eventually can get to my scores by clicking on the first thing on that list.”

Doucet has been checking sports scores like this for the past several years. “After I’d check the scores, I’d click on the house button at the top of my Google Internet page and it would bring me back to the main page, and then I’d tell it what to bring up next, like the ‘CBC’ or the ‘TV Guide.'”

This all changed when Doucet happened to catch his sports live on TSN on the television. “So I’m watching my sports updates when I hear that Derek Taylor guy say to visit them online at Now, I always saw a bunch of gobbledygook at the top of the Google Internet when I’m checking my sites, but never thought anything of it until I remembered seeing some DOT-COMs and DOT-CAs, so I needed to see what that was about.”search2

What Doucet discovered nearly caused him to fall out of his chair. “When I brought up my Google Internet, instead of typing in ‘TSN’ where I usually do, I clicked where that gobbledygook was and erased all of that out of there and typed in ‘’ and pressed the Enter and quick as that, my TSN page showed up. Well, that nearly floored me! So I tried the same thing with my CBC, and the same thing happened… that showed up right away, too!”

Doucet hopes that running this story will enlighten others. “I don’t know why nobody put this out there for everybody from the get-go,” he said. “You’d think it was the secret recipe for KFC chicken.

“Next time you’re on your Google Internet,” Doucet smugly added, “you can thank me for all that extra time you’re saving by not having to go back to the main Google Internet page. You’re welcome.”

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