UP! 93.1 breaks Platinum Blonde record by playing hit track non-stop for an hour

UP! 93.1 breaks Platinum Blonde record by playing hit track non-stop for an hour

Fredericton — A groundbreaking and radical exploit has been accomplished by the employees of Fredericton’s own Up! 93.1 FM.

On Monday, the local feel-good station filled what was left of the airwaves with Platinum Blonde’s “Standing in the Dark,” against all logic managing to play it a hundred times in just one hour. This unceasing deed broke the previously held world record by seven plays.

“We had been blasting the tune relentlessly over the past few months. It’s officially the third best Canadian pop-rock/new wave song from the first half of the ’80s, in my humble opinion,” said DJ Alan. “A really underrated Canadian gem.”

The moderately successful single by the Toronto band was originally released in 1983, and lost the Juno Award for Video of the Year.

The response from the community has been nothing but praise. “It’s one of the four songs they have on their playlist, and it’s easily the best,” said George Daigle.

“Being bombarded by that song all hour reminded me of those crazy nights back at the Hilltop around 30 years ago,” said Amy Yerxa.

When asked where the inspiration for the venture came from, DJ Alan explained. “In the past we’ve accidentally left the song on replay, sometimes for a long time. So the world record would have probably belonged to us eventually.”

The station has taken the response as their cue to continue smashing records, and DJ Alan has already started planning their next project.

“We have also been incessantly blaring Glass Tiger’s ‘Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)’ and have been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews. So I guess we will see.”

  1. Pick a Tom Cochrane before Glass Tiger … IMHO Lunatic Fringe or White Hot perhaps … Amy Yerxa, I was at the Hilltop many nights during a computer work stint in Fred Town 33 years ago. Was that you being sick in the out back?


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