Dozens more UNB students found in Shoppers ceiling

Dozens more UNB students found in Shoppers ceiling

Fredericton — Shoppers Drug Mart has always been a hip hangout for 20-somethings, but the Prospect Street Fredericton location has lately become even more desirable after one student was found in the ceiling, just kickin’ back.

“With the stress of classes, essays due, exams, it’s just nice to have a chill place to hang out and pop some ADHD pills,” said ringleader of the new group Tommy Cousineau, a UNB engineering student. “I discovered it one day when I went to fill a prescription and noticed the ceiling was wide open. So I climbed up there and started sprucing it up and making it into a place where we can all get together now and then to escape the pressure of school.”

Cousineau detailed the improvements he’s made to the space.

“Well at first it was just a ladder leading to an empty storage space — all well and good for hiding out and waiting for the store to close so I can steal drugs and other shit, but not an ideal place to actually spend time. So I found a used futon on Kijiji, put up a wrinkled Scarface poster — no university hangout is complete without that — a foosball table on Craigslist, a beanbag chair, some red solo cups for beer pong. The whole nine yards.”

Cousineau has implemented a secret knock for any students who want to hang out. Right now it’s mostly engineers and other nerds, but he hopes some hot chicks from nursing decide to join the club as well.

“More the merrier, unless you’re an uggo.”

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