Drag performers say Higgs is a ‘drama queen’

Drag performers say Higgs is a ‘drama queen’

Fredericton — As the Legislature sputters to life again today, New Brunswick drag performers are speaking out about Premier Blaine Higgs’s non-stop drama.

Since the end of the last session in June, 29 riding associations including four provincial past-presidents of the premier’s own party tried oust him to no avail.

Also, many of his top tier cabinet ministers are now relegated to the backbenches for standing up to his autocratic leadership style.

Now, New Brunswick’s most popular drag performer is saying she’s had enough of Higgs’s hijinks, and she is spilling the tea about her thoughts on the upcoming session.

“Oh honey, we all have that one drama queen in our lives who can’t get along with anyone to save their sequined soul,” said Moncton drag performer Covered Bridgette. “You all know that Higgsy Stardust is 100 per cent that bitch.

“She always want to be in the spotlight, but when she lit up…it ain’t a pretty sight. You know what I mean, gurl?”

Bridgette says Higgs needs to call an election, mend fences with his caucus and riding associations, or Bridgette’s preference: resignation.

“I don’t know what is keeping this sassy man from leaving the funway. Boo, nobody like you, even your own people. Take the hint, Bambi-Lane.”

Bridgette says she’s embarrassed by the national attention New Brunswick has received since May when Premier Higgs took his controversial stance on Policy 713.

“New Brunswick used to be fabulous! Now, I want to hide my pretty pretty face, and you can’t be hiding a face like this, honey! I need to werk it!

“Higgsy, you need to sashay away, gurl!”

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