EDM fest Future Forest cancelled because DJ forgets MacBook power cord

EDM fest Future Forest cancelled because DJ forgets MacBook power cord

Minto — New Brunswick’s own electronic dance music festival Future Forest is cancelled this weekend because the DJ forgot his MacBook Pro power cord, and no other DJs thought to bring one either.

The festival had been moved to the woods of Minto this year, which was enough to throw off the balance of the entire event, according to Ryan Jennings, who goes by “DJ Mac” during the festival.

“First off, it’s not just EDM — it’s a music and ARTS festival,” he said. “There’s so much art. And that’s not even a euphemism for LSD or something, it’s real art using paint and shit. But anyway, this year I was supposed to bring the power cord for my MacBook to hook up to our generators and I totally spaced on it because I was still reeling from the change of location. I asked around and I guess all 140 other DJs were relying on MY power cord for THEIR MacBooks.

“It’s way too much responsibility to deal with this, so we’re just calling the whole weekend off. Sorry folks.”

DJ Mac added that, if you really think about it, it’s actually everyone else’s fault for relying on him in the first place. “I’m notoriously flaky when it comes to remembering anything — but that’s just one of my quirky traits that everyone loves. I’m sort of an adorable screwup.”

Some festival-goers who were setting up tents and hammocks in the woods on Friday appeared to be disappointed, but no one offered to go buy a power cord or to borrow one from a nearby home.

“I love Future Forest and was excited for the awesome music,” said one attendee from Fredericton, wearing furry cat ears and a tail. “But we used all the juice on our laptops listening to our DJ sets on the drive here. There’s no solution to this. Let’s just go home.”

One intrepid festival-goer suggested everyone simply listen to their own iPods with headphones at the same time and dance together as one big family.

“What? No way,” said DJ Mac, a disgusted look on his painted face. “This isn’t a silent disco. Maybe next year I’ll remember to bring a power cord, but I wouldn’t count on it. I’m not going to write it down or anything like that. I’m way too much of a free spirit.”

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