Flock of Quebecers begin migration to Parlee Beach

Flock of Quebecers begin migration to Parlee Beach

Shediac — With warm and sunny weather on the rise, local environmentalists are expecting to observe an exponential increase in the seasonal Quebecers around the Shediac area.

“Every year, around mid-June, we notice the beginning of the annual migration of these poutine-loving mammals. At this time, locals usually report sightings of the species along Parlee Beach, but we sometimes receive calls from Cap-Pelé and Bouctouche,” says Mount Allison University biologist and professor Henry Watkins.

As for residential beachgoers, many are thrilled to once again witness the beautiful herds settle on the waterfront: “It really is breathtaking, seeing the sunburned beauties gracefully sipping on Bud Light, the alpha males boasting their hairy beer-bellies in their Speedo-clad gloriousness,” exclaims Moncton resident Stephen Cormier.

For some, the migration is a chance to truly observe nature at its finest. Sitting atop a lifeguard chair, binoculars in hand, avid people-watcher Denise Goguen explains that all nature lovers should really take in the beauty of the summer spectacle: “This just goes to show how Mother Nature works her magic… I mean, the natural instinct these wonderful tourists have to set up camp along the beach is worthy of a documentary narrated by David Attenborough.”

Goguen also notes that groups of the Ginette Reno-loving wanderers are usually spotted in their transportation of choice: the white Honda Civic. To those interested in witnessing the beginning of the migration, experts suggest first looking for an increasing number of customers at any local St-Hubert.

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