Former Horizon CEO calls for mask mandate to hide fact that he’s still working there

Former Horizon CEO calls for mask mandate to hide fact that he’s still working there

New Brunswick — Amid growing dissatisfaction with New Brunswick’s medical system, Premier Blaine Higgs announced on Friday that he would be firing Dr. John Dornan, CEO of Horizon Health, and several other top officials would be leaving or changing roles.

The day before he was fired, Dornan released an internal memo suggesting that employees begin wearing masks again, ostensibly to avoid “escalating” the transmission of COVID, but some employees doubt his intentions.

“I mean sure, COVID cases are rising,” said nurse Kathy Bands. “But that doesn’t seem to be taken very seriously by the government, or Dr. Jennifer Russell, so why does he care so much?”

The Manatee spoke to the new Horizon CEO to determine if Dornan’s suggestions would still be followed within the organization.

“The name’s Timm,” he said, his face barely visible through his N95 mask. “Arthur Timm. My friends call me ‘Artie’ — or ‘Timmy.’ Whatever you’re comfortable with. They’re both definitely real names.”

Would Dornan’s suggestions still be considered valid?

“Oh, absolutely. As you can see, I’m wearing mine right now. I think his suggestion was a very considerate and thoughtful one,” he explained. The Manatee began asking a follow-up question, but he cut back in again.

“It’s heroic, really. I think we ought to have given that man a medal, instead of making him a scapegoat for all of the province’s health problems. My God, the man took the position in the middle of a global pandemic! Don’t I deserve any credit for that?”

In his agitation, his mask slipped below his nose. He stopped to readjust it.

“I mean ‘he.’ Doesn’t he deserve any credit for that?”

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