Fredericton mom pissed homeschool not cancelled, too

Fredericton mom pissed homeschool not cancelled, too

Fredericton — Well, the weather outside is frightful in most of New Brunswick today, prompting the majority of schools to be closed due to inclement weather. But, one mother from the province’s capital city is sharing her outrage that the homeschool she runs for her own children wasn’t mentioned in the vast list of cancellations.

“It’s just ridiculous that this keeps happening to my children!” shouted an angry Shannon Bunker. “It’s just not fair. It doesn’t matter how bad the weather gets. either — school is never cancelled for them. Could be five feet of snow outside, no power and the worst road conditions in the history of the province and they’d still have to go to class.”

The Manatee asked Bunker why she doesn’t just abide by the same cancellation policy as the schools situated in her area.

“Well, I don’t want my kids to become spoiled with all the P.D. days that those teachers and students get, so I don’t know where I’d draw the line.”

Bunker continued by saying she feels badly for the teachers at her school as well, and suggested they don’t get the same perks that other teachers do.

“It’s not only the children who are missing out; it’s the teachers here as well. The Phys Ed. teacher, Mr. Bunker, is at the end of his rope with these kids and could really use an extra day or two off this time of year, you know. The poor guy doesn’t get much downtime at all — goes from teaching all day long to having to tend to the same children after class.

“At least he gets a little special treatment from the principal,” she added, giving an uncomfortable wink.

“When it comes down to it, I just don’t want my kids to miss out on the things that other kids get — well besides the normal childhood experience of going to school and developing social skills with other kids, I mean.”



  1. ? this women is an attention seeker. Like your the teacher your the boss close class for the day teach it at night if ya want ?????petty people petty crap or send them to regular school

  2. Boo boo Badowski December 7, 2019, 12:32 pm

    This is satirical blog, based loosely on actual facts or maybe no facts at all. It’s meant to be funny and not taken seriously. So getting upset because of a mother who wants homeschool canceled because of inclement weather is hilarious Naomi and not to be taken seriously.


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