The Manatee out of shit to say about another storm coming

The Manatee out of shit to say about another storm coming

New Brunswick — The Picture Province is about to be pummelled by another snowstorm tonight and blah blah blah and so on. The truth is, our reporters are pretty bored of writing about weather events but feel compelled to do so because they’re always so popular with our readers.

It’s like no one has anything more interesting to talk about than weather, weed and beer in the Maritimes — and it really makes us miss Brian Gallant.

Anyway, we don’t really want to write anything about the storm coming this evening because we’re pretty sure there will be 300 more before spring. So, please just read one of the stories below and tell us which is your favourite so we can just share that one for every storm going forward.

NB storms prove even God was rooting for Gallant

Storm gifts random homes across province with free Christmas trees

Listicle: Your worried dad’s 8 tips and tricks for surviving a snowstorm

Man running outside in snowstorm likes being miserable, ridiculous

Fredericton man apparently only one hampered by storm

Storm to be just like driving through NB: ‘fast but miserable’

Meteorologists warn of storm warnings

Harvey’s Big Potato skipping town for fear of being made into storm chips

Constant weather warnings prompt NB grocery stores to restock stormchips, toss produce

NB scientists use recurring storms as proof that global warming a hoax

Another snow day? Here are 8 ways to make the latest school cancellation all about you

NB schools move summer break to winter

Downtown Fredericton would close for weather if anything were still open

Forecast calling for 60 cm of snow and 6 million comments about it

Fredericton-area schools never to be closed again for snow, apparently

47-year-old NB artist finally has work featured on CTV’s ‘Weather Watchers’

Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!

New Brunswick man falls down

New Brunswick opens world’s largest ski resort: New Brunswick

New Brunswick institutes 24-hour wait time before plowing roads

Saint John mother livid school district forces her to send kids out on icy roads

New Brunswickers feeling powerless after yet another blizzard

Archaeologists reach surface level of lost province for first time in 70 years

Friggin’ jerks at Environment Canada seriously calling for another blizzard

Environment Canada urges NB to prepare for yet another snowpocalypse

Environment Canada announces new charges for weather updates

Confirmed: The snowplow driver hates you

Fredericton couple trapped in close proximity with their kids for entire snow day

Saint John to dump snow in Reversing Falls, ‘let Fredericton deal with it’














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