Higgs claims ‘we’ll all get chlamydia’ during news conference

Higgs claims ‘we’ll all get chlamydia’ during news conference

Fredericton—During a news conference on Friday, Premier Blaine Higgs shocked reporters when he said that “we’ll all get chlamydia.”

“There is simply nothing that can be done about it,” he said. “A this point, we need to acknowledge that we’re all going to become infected.”

Higgs also expressed that he had been “living with it” for months now, and that it is “not as bad as it has been purported to be.”

“In most cases, the symptoms are quite mild. That is why it is able to spread so quickly.”

It is for this reason, he explained, that he thinks “protective measures” are unnecessary.

“To put it succinctly — they simply don’t work,” he said, tapping the podium pointedly. “Also, I’m allergic to latex.”

With this comment, he gave a small, conspiratorial wink to a writer the Telegraph-Journal.

Still, despite his resistance, he did profess that he would be “open” to allowing protection mandates in school until the current surge begins to abate.

“Sure, I can understand wanting to keep kids safe,” he said. “But know that it comes at the risk of being uncomfortable and uncool.”

At the end of the conference, the premier did not receive a round of applause. But, he didn’t need one — he already had the clap.

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