Minto man enchanted by mysterious woman apparently new to Facebook

Minto — Following a friend request from a very attractive stranger, Minto resident Mike Dugan has found himself intrigued, if not enamoured by a mysterious woman who appears to have taken keen interest in the 42-year-old construction worker.

“It was late Saturday night,” said Dugan from his home in the southern New Brunswick town. “I got this friend request from a really good-looking girl. At first I thought it might have been someone I knew from high school, but then I realized she looked way too young for us to have gone to school at the same time. I’m still not sure how she found me; maybe she saw me around town or something and looked me up — I still haven’t figured that out.”

After Mike accepted the unknown woman’s friend request he received a private message from her almost immediately, which read: “Hello, am sara, I saw that you are profile on and picked interest in you. I would like for you to see more picture of me and may be for me to be girlfriend. Oxox, yours sara.”

Dugan said he realized from the language used in the message that English was probably not the woman’s native tongue, but he wasn’t discouraged. “I’m very open-minded about people from other places who don’t speak English well,” he said. “In fact I find it kind of romantic.”

What has also captivated Dugan is that the woman appears to be new to Facebook and thus far he is the only person she’s befriended. “I’m thinking she must be from one of those countries where they don’t have the Internet yet. Like Poland or something.”

Dugan, however, does admit that the language barrier has been hampering his efforts to arrange a meeting with the woman. “I’ve told everyone about her and was really hoping she would join me and have dinner with my parents but she doesn’t seem understand the message.”

Sadly, due to issues with his computer, it’s been several days since Dugan has been able to reach out to her online. “She sent me a file last week that she said was some photos of her. I downloaded it right away but when I tried to open the file my PC went berserk and hasn’t worked since. I’m not sure what happened; I think it might have been a hacker who was spying on me and was jealous of my relationship with her, so the guy broke my computer.”

Dugan hopes the woman is not upset about his absence, and once his computer is repaired he plans to pursue her with renewed vigour. “We’ve had our ups and downs but that happens in any relationship,” he said. “I’m not going to give up just yet; I’m going to fight. I’m going to fight for us.”

  1. It’s fake… The messages are auto generated which is why they don’t make real sense… The file was part of the scam and was meant to infect you with a virus.. Happens all the time,sorry dude…

  2. Is this guy for real?

  3. This site is to be use more or less to your Imagination ….

  4. Concerned citizen here. Hi, I have been a resident of Minto most of my life and am worried that people like this are bringing to many people into our already booming town. At this rate we all be overpopulated and not have enough moose meat and corn to feed the young. Please Dugan if you see this don’t let them across Mintos border! We can’t afford more people!

  5. Sorry to say but I get these all the time and I’m female. I’m a big fb’r and I’ve gotten many of these. They all say the same thing. Look at my pics. Maybe we can’t be friends or more. Hate to see you get sucked in friend but this is a hacker or a scam. That’s why your computer went crazy. Virus! You may not want to believe it? But it’s a joke. Be careful

  6. I wonder if those comments are as real as the article itself.Considering the Manatee’s straight shooter reporting LOL.This makes the National Enquirer look like a gospels truth session.Laughed my A off. hahahaha…………….


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