Miramichi man shows up to job interview at wrong Tim Hortons

Miramichi — Ernie Somerville of Chatham Head says he showed up for a job interview at the Newcastle town square Tim Hortons but the manager did not seem to know anything about the interview. “I walked in, said hi to Sterling over in the corner, and just sat there for over 2 hours and nobody showed up to interview me.” Somerville went on to say he had time to enjoy a combo meal deal, which included a bowl of chili, bread, a chocolate chip muffin and the sacred Tim Hortons double double. He even had time to take in some local town gossip from the nearby elderly ladies discussing who should replace the current host of TV Bingo.

Somerville, 58, who holds an electrical engineering degree from UNB, an electrician’s licence, and more than 25 years’ experience in the pulp and paper industry says the Canadian coffee chain is his last chance for employment on the beautiful Miramichi River.

“I just love it here, but I’m starting to drive the old lady nuts around the house,” said Somerville, bashfully explaining his reasons behind applying for the job.

Somerville was later asked to leave by the 19-year-old store manager for exceeding Tim Hortons’ “20-minute dining” policy.

“You can pretty much damn well throw a Timbit from one Tims and hit another Tims in this here town,” Somerville said as his defence for showing up at the wrong location.

Furthering that defense, the original Kijiji job posting did not include the exact location the interview was being held. Unfortunately, the position has now been filled.

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