Fredericton man unsure how to ring in bok choy at Superstore's self-checkout, panics

Fredericton — “Is it a vegetable? Leafy green? What the hell is it?” Fredericton native Nathan Mahoney asked himself as he frantically attempted to ring in bok choy at Fredericton Atlantic Superstore’s self-checkout late Monday afternoon. Mahoney was planning a hot date at his small downtown apartment with a woman he recently met on OkCupid.

“I lied quite a bit in my profile so I figured I should take a stab at making her this ethnic dish she really likes,” he explained.

“The man was clearly unsure about what bok choy was and seemed quite embarrassed and panicked. He was also lost inside the ‘root vegetables’ subcategory screen when I approached him,” explained Superstore check-out support Helen Baisley.

We later learned Mahoney ended up over-cooking the bok choy as he did not completely understand the term “sauté.” Nonetheless, the pair ended up sharing a romantic evening over a slice of Jack’s Pizza, and they even started the first season of 30 Rock on Netflix.  Mahoney later explained, “Chicks dig a guy with access to the American Netflix, and if she likes the show, she’ll have to stick with me for like 8 seasons or something.”

Mahoney also commented he will probably try Superstore’s self-checkout again, but only after he watches a few YouTube tutorials and gains some on-site training.



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