N.B. heading to Level 3, except for those who solve daily Wordle

N.B. heading to Level 3, except for those who solve daily Wordle

New Brunswick — Thursday afternoon it was announced that New Brunswick will be entering Level 3 of COVID-19 restrictions due to the overwhelming number of hospitalizations caused by the Omicron strain. These restrictions only apply, however, if you fail to solve your daily Wordle puzzle.

“We must take immediate action to stop the spread of this virus!” shouted Premier Blaine Higgs as he met with reporters. “And it’s become blatantly obvious that the only people who are mature enough — no, smart enough — to follow proper safety measures are those folks who are bright enough to win at Wordle.”

In the last week, the popular word game has gone viral and has many New Brunswickers taking to Twitter to share their success when able to solve their daily puzzle.

“Obviously I want my 82 followers to know how smart I am,” admitted Wordle enthusiast Lewis Peters. “And now it’ll mean I get to stay in Level 2, even better! Time to get myself a dictionary.”

Higgs told reporters that those who successfully complete their Wordle for the day will have to take a screenshot with them wherever they go in order to show proof of their superior intellect.

“If you want to eat inside a restaurant or get a haircut or your nails did — I think that’s how the cool people say it,” explained Higgs, “you’ll have to show proof of vaccination, government ID and proof of your daily Wordle now.”

The premier went on say that he and his team are also exploring further advantages for those who maintain extraordinary winning streaks on the popular game.

“Listen, if you’re good enough to get a streak of say 10 wins in a row, then yes, I think you’re smart enough to take care of yourself properly, and maybe you can adhere to the restrictions in Level 1. But it’s a wait-and-see situation right now.”

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