Once a town in decline, McAdam gains a second horse

Once a town in decline, McAdam gains a second horse

McAdam — A small village in southwestern New Brunswick, McAdam is often dismissed as a “one-horse town.” Now, as part of the area’s recent growth strategy, Mayor Ken Stannix hopes to change this reputation.

“I think that, for McAdam, things can only get better from here,” said Stannix. “Sure, we don’t have much in the way of industry, and yes, our local newspaper is just a rock with writing on it that the editor throws at people — but progress happens in stages.”

The solution? The acquisition of a second horse. For nearly a decade, the town’s sole horse, Seabidet, has served as the town’s mascot, its primary form of transportation and its greatest job provider. 

Dipping deep into the community treasury, the town has voted to put the bulk of their GDP into the acquisition of a second horse, which they secured from Salisbury earlier this month.

“Today, it’s a horse,” said Stannix. “Tomorrow…the Olympics? Who knows.” 

The Manatee was invited to the inauguration of the town’s second horse, which took place this past Saturday. In the centre of town, both horses were displayed, covered in roses, on a poorly built platform.

This,” said Stannix, extending his hand in the direction of the horses. “This is an investment in the future of McAdam. Our hope is to breed these two beautiful equine specimens, and create generations of horses to inhabit our fine town.”

In the front row, Gary Pilgrim, editor for The McAdam Gazette, stood up, his pen hovering over a white stone.

“Uh, Mr. Mayor? Those horses are both clearly male.”

There was a long pause.

“McAdam,” declared Stannix, his smile never wavering, “…New Brunswick’s most progressive town!” 

  1. That’s good stuff Brandon… lol… a second horse… I’m still laughing.


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