Peter Coade to begin work on breaking his next world record

Peter Coade to begin work on breaking his next world record

Halifax — Peter Coade will be setting a Guinness World Record later this month when he retires with the longest career as a weather broadcaster. The Manatee caught up with the 65-year-old Coade in Halifax to find out what would be his next step in life.

“The next record,” Coade said with a nod and a smirk.

Coade was actually informed by Guinness that he broke the record for longest weather broadcasting career in 2013, but he didn’t receive the message until recently. “They sent it to my old email… I really need to get a little more organized.”

Coade revealed to The Manatee that his 50-year career was actually a part of a scheme to break as many world records as possible in his lifetime. “I just thought I’d get the big one out of the way first, you know,” he said.falls

The current Guinness World Record-holder for most Guinness World Records is Ashrita Furman, with more than 200 titles.

“My next big goal is to ascend Mount Fuji in less than 4 hours,” Coade explained, holding his coffee cup and assuming a blank stare. “Of course, that record probably would’ve been easier when I was younger, before I started with the weather-broadcasting record.”

Coade’s last weather broadcast will be on Sept. 30. He will return to CBC on Oct. 15, when his attempt to kayak down Niagara Falls will be televised live.

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