‘Pyramid schemes’ to be added to NB’s CareerBeacon categories

Fredericton — Despite the fact that refreshing New Brunswick’s CareerBeacon page is no more useful than checking your empty fridge multiple times throughout the night, the job site is going ahead and adding a new category to the New Brunswick section. You will soon be able to filter by “pyramid schemes,” allowing you to scroll through all open opportunities that will quickly destroy any friendships you may have been holding onto.

Multi-level marketing, or MLM, is a marketing strategy in which “employees” are are paid for the sales they produce directly, as well as from sales from members they “hire.” Some refer to these sales tactics as “pyramid selling” due to the beautiful 2-dimensional isosceles triangle formed when one attempts to explain an MLM opportunity on a used bar napkin. MLM consultants will often host parties (paid for out of pocket) and target friends and family to support their cause. They will sometimes even encourage their friends to become consultants themselves.

CareerBeaconRaymond Stevenson, 27, a Frederictonian working for an MLM firm based in California, was kind enough to share his thoughts with The Manatee‘s news staff this morning. The MLM firm will remain nameless due to ongoing legal battles with most Manatee staff.

“What can I say? It’s the best and only opportunity I’ve had in the past 5 years living in New Brunswick. The only requirement to get hired as a consultant was to be physically present at the information session,” he went on. “The CEO said not to be too concerned about the product and was kind enough to offer me a discount on the box of stuff I’d be selling to the public.”

Stevenson shared that he’s grossed a total of $3,300 working for this company in the past 4 years; he also said he has not lost hope even though his CEO is currently serving time at San Quentin State Prison for charges unknown.

“I’m just looking at the big picture. These things take time and I’m happy to hear CareerBeacon is finally adding this to their site,” explained Stevenson on his way to a pawn shop holding a box containing a Nintendo 64 and seasons 1 through 5 of Lost.

It’s rumoured that the changes to CareerBeacon will be implemented early April. Until then, New Brunswick job-seekers will be forced to keep their friendships fully intact while exploring the remaining 4 job opportunities listed in the province.

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