Hanwell man's slow driving forces other man to drive, act like maniac

Hanwell — Late Sunday afternoon on the Hanwell Road just outside of Fredericton, Carson Walsh was enjoying a leisurely drive into the city when he was met by an obviously rage-filled Iain MacDonald. MacDonald was also driving — if you can call it that — toward Fredericton and was bent on creating absolute havoc for anyone who dared cross his path.

According to MacDonald’s own accounts as posted on his Facebook page, he allowed a Honda Civic to pass on him on a double-lined highway road into oncoming traffic — causing this passing Honda to force 3 other cars to pull off to the side of the road for safety. MacDonald allegedly did nothing but look on, which created the ensuing chaos. MacDonald went on to say that he simply drove by in ignorance when the driver of the Honda slammed on his brakes, got out of his car and ran toward MacDonald’s vehicle in a threatening manner.

The Manatee was able to speak to Walsh about the alleged event. “This guy was driving slow — like super slow, giving me no choice whatsoever but to have to try to pass him while other cars were driving towards us,” he recounted. “I mean, what else was I going to do? Be patient and drive the speed limit? Ah, thanks but no thanks.”

Walsh claims that MacDonald injured him as well. “So, I get out of my car to scream at him and his kids — who wouldn’t? And then he doesn’t want to confront me out in public in front of his family so he just drives away! So I had to punch his bumper, and I think I may have bruised my knuckle or something. I’ll have a doctor look at before I start exploring my legal options.”

Walsh followed MacDonald closely into town until he was able to pull in front of MacDonald’s vehicle, block him off and finally have the civil conversation he’d been hoping for. “I wasn’t going to let this jerk get away with driving slow, man!” Walsh proudly exclaimed. “I got in front of him and blocked off all traffic both ways so we could sort this out like gentlemen.”

Luckily, Manatee reporters received reports of the Hanwell Road incident and were able to send a quadcopter with a camera to record the exchange. We warn the viewer, though, that some of the content is graphic. MacDonald keeps his calm throughout the exchange, forcing Walsh to have to lower himself into obscenities.

  1. i guess thats why the honda driver called to apologize for his driving actions following interaction with police…
    and perhaps why he has changed his FB name…
    because innocent people generally change everything to sway public opinion when they have done nothing wrong…

  2. Brendan Sinclair March 23, 2015, 2:52 pm

    Every single driver, no matter how well they drive overall, is a human being. We are not infallible. I have made boneheaded mistakes behind the wheel, and as soon as I became aware of what I had just done, I felt ashamed. I am a commercial driver, which requires a much more thorough exam and higher standards. I also have special permits to transport hazardous materials. If anything, my driving should be much better overall, as moving violations and traffic accidents stay on my record for at least ten years, can jeopardize my current employment, and can ruin my job opportunities for other commercial driving. I am also subjected to random drug and alcohol testing, as well as testing following even the most minor of accidents – even if evidence strongly implicates the other driver as the responsible.
    The point is, I make the best decisions I can while behind the wheel, and sometimes those decisions are wrong. If you see a driver make a bad move, don’t assume that they’re an asshole intent on pissing you off; they don’t know who you are, and you don’t know them. It’s not personal.
    Keep a keen eye on that driver’s behavior. They could be genuinely terrible drivers, and do what you can to distance yourself so that their mistakes don’t become your problem. There are genuine assholes, no doubt. Get their license number and notify the police about what you observed, when you observed it, and where. If there’s a police unit in the area, and the driver is truly awful, law enforcement will observe this and issue citations. Enough citations will suspend their driving privelge and drive their insurance premiums so high that affording them will be difficult. Unless the bad driver is a rich asshole, employing a lawyer to represent him in contesting his license suspension, it’s likely that the guy who just cut you off simply made an innocent mistake. We all make mistakes, and being able to forgive will make your own life a little more peaceful, getting cut off, notwithstanding.

  3. Paul William Lewis, I believe you have the names mixed around in the first paragraph.

  4. Freddy Clipper March 23, 2015, 5:59 pm

    you didn’t mention the sunglasses, that’s the best part — sheesh!


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