‘This is Nazism!’ cries woman being asked to show proof of vax at happy hour

‘This is Nazism!’ cries woman being asked to show proof of vax at happy hour

Moncton — Just a few days after attending a “freedom” march to protest masks and vaccinations, a Moncton, N.B. woman is being persecuted by being asked to show proof of vaccination to attend happy hour at a local pub.

Shelly Ferguson, 42, has been the target of blatant discrimination, as she calls it, since the onset of the pandemic.

“I refused to wear a mask on the city bus, and they told me they didn’t want ‘my kind’ on public transit,” she said. “Well, I mean, they didn’t use those words, exactly, but that’s what they meant. I was born without a mask and they’re refusing service to the maskless! How is that fair?! It’s just like with Rosa Parks or whatever her name was.”

At the entryway of her favourite watering hole, Ferguson was asked to show her proof of vaccination along with a photo ID.

“This is Nazism!” she cried at the indifferent hostess. “It’s fascism! I won’t stand for it! First they make you show you got a vaccination to get cheap drinks at 4 p.m., then they round you up on trains and cart you off to a concentration camp. It’s a slippery slope, sheeple! Wake up!

“I don’t have to show you my confidential medical information!” she continued to scream at the hostess, who was merely trying to do her job. “It’s called privacy!”

“Okay, then, well I don’t have to let you in,” said the hostess. “It’s called policy.”

Ferguson was laid off from her job at a nursing home for refusing to get “the jab,” as she calls it. She was a health care worker until the “dictatorship” took over New Brunswick, forcing people to take 15 minutes out of their busy lives to go get an immunization.

Because of today’s discrimination, Ferguson had no choice but to stop at a nearby NB Liquor store to buy drinks to enjoy in the comfort of her home.

“I won’t stand for it anymore,” she said, curled up on her recliner, munching from a cheese platter, sipping a glass of Riesling while flipping through Netflix. “Look around you! My life is basically like the holocaust.

“Now I know what all those Jewish people went through,” she added, carefully placing a piece of camembert on a toasted ciabatta slice.

Horrified by Ferguson’s utter ignorance, our reporter returned to the scene of this latest war crime — the bar — to interview the hostess.

“I wanted to be like, ‘Ma’am, I don’t care about your private medical information, and would in fact like to know less about you, if at all possible,'” the employee told The Manatee. “We take a quick glance to see that you’ve been vaccinated, and that’s it — trust me, we’re not retaining pointless information about every crazy Karen who comes in here.

“Thank god she left, because I don’t think any of our Jewish customers, or anyone who’s an actual minority, would appreciate her spouting off about her pretend trials and tribulations and trying to compare what’s happening in New Brunswick to Nazism. I mean, what the fuck.

“And by the way, how does she have the funds to drink in a bar if she got laid off? I think, if anything, I saved her some money by sending her home.”


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