As Miramichi serial killer nears parole, city considers electing him to public office

As Miramichi serial killer nears parole, city considers electing him to public office

Miramichi — Allan Legere, the infamous “Monster of the Miramichi,” is facing parole today after over 30 years in prison, leaving the residents of the city with one question: should they elect him to public office?

In recent months, Legere had floated the idea of running for mayor. His slogan? “The Monster For Miramichi.”

“Legere escaped maximum security prison, perpetuated at least five horrific murders and several arsons over a very short period of time,” said city Police Chief Brian Gonick. “To my ears, that is the resume of a man who can get things done.”

Gonick, a huge supporter, said that Legere’s actions speak volumes compared to the “fruitless words” of the “Liberal hacks” currently in office.

“He had the right to apply for parole in 2015, and he chose to waive that right and stay in prison,” he explained. “If that isn’t being tough on crime, then I don’t know what is.”

Mayor Adam Lordon has stated that his council has written letters to the parole board urging it to reject Legere’s application — a move that many have called a “cowardly attempt to silence the competition.”

The Manatee spoke with Legere, briefly, through a thick sheet of glass at the Edmonton Institution on Tuesday.

“Listen, I can understand Mayor Lordon’s point of view,” said Legere, calmly, tugging gently at his stirrups. “I can say that I truly wish him no harm. I just want to kill him in the polls.”

Suddenly, his grey eyes lit up.

“In fact, I want to absolutely dismember him in the ballot box! I want to drink his blood on election day! I want to tear off his head and gnaw away at his raw flesh…in the voter’s booth, of course.”

  1. Rhonda O'Donnell January 13, 2021, 10:48 pm

    I know this is supposed to be satire, and somehow funny, but this is the most distasteful article I have ever read. How incredibly disrespectful to the victims of this monster, their families, and the people who suffered through that bastard’s reign of terror.
    Please show a modicum of respect and remove this piece of trash.

  2. I normally enjoy your articles but I think this is the most distasteful and disrespectful article I have ever seen. Having lived through the actual terror, and seeing the effect it had on the people of Miramichi, I strongly suggest this article be removed and an apology be offered to all those you have offended. M Lynch

  3. Being born and raised in the Miramich and having my parents live in fear while this monster went on his killing rampage, I would have to say that this is one of THE most disrespectful attempts at satire that I have ever had the misfortune to read!! Did you go to bed at night with a weapon by your bed, leave your lights on all night, perhaps sleep in shifts because he knew where you lived and had some association to your family??? I’m assuming not. You sir, need to suck back and reload as we say here on the ‘chi. You need to issue all residents of the Miramichi a public apology and maybe reconsider your future as a satirist.

  4. Reading this made me sick. I can’t believe this was ever even considered to be made an article. This is in no way funny. It’s disgusting and disrespectful in every way.

  5. Totally despicable. Somethings are not meant to be funny and the terror that this monster ( because he doesn’t deserve to be called a man) put Miramichi through is not one of those things. I know your business is satire, but this is taking it too far.

    This monster, cruelly terrorized a community. Residents were afraid to go to sleep at night, to leave their homes, many kept a weapon by their sides at all times. The lives that he took will never be forgotten BY AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY, because we all endured it together.

    You owe the citizens of Miramichi a public apology.

  6. I often enjoy the articles from The Manatee. Being a Miramichier who saw how people reacted and lived in fear as a community during his reign of terror I think this article has been written by a very special type of ignorant. Perhaps it can be followed up by some satirical funny twist on parents with cancer or 3 legged puppies. I would like the thank the author for making sure I just skip the next article that crosses my timeline from this esteemed publisher. It is unfortunate that some topics don’t stay sacred after communities are so affected.

  7. Time for us to unfollow you. You owe the people of Miramichi and the province an apology for writing such an unnecessary post


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