Black Flag accidentally raised sideways in Chipman

Black Flag accidentally raised sideways in Chipman

Chipman — The mayor of Chipman is apologizing to the band Black Flag for misrepresenting their logo after raising their iconic flag sideways.

“I take full responsibility for the error. This is My War,” said Mayor Carson Atkinson, winking to a man wearing a leather jacket at the press conference.

Black Flag was an American punk band that formed in 1976 and continued to tour with a rotating and sometimes confusing cast of band members.

“I would like to personally apologize to singer Henry Rollins, original singer Keith Morris, guitarist Greg Ginn, logo designer Raymond Pettibon who is actually Greg Ginn’s brother, but he uses a different name.” The mayor continued to name 20 additional band members whom at some point or another toured as Black Flag or under the splinter group known as just Flag.

A local high school student said the mayor got most of the names right. “Personally, I wouldn’t consider Flag in that list. They’re a bunch of posers. If Greg Ginn isn’t involved, it’s not Black Flag.”

Black Flag could not be reached for comment because we didn’t know which member to call.

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