NB community renames itself ‘Chip(wo)man’ to prove it is inclusive

NB community renames itself ‘Chip(wo)man’ to prove it is inclusive

Chip(wo)man — A small community on the verge of reinventing itself took the drastic step of changing its name to Chip(wo)man, in order to demonstrate inclusivity and to distance itself from recent controversy.

The former village of Chipman’s council unanimously approved a motion to modify their name, in an effort to rebuild good favour with the general public and to show newcomers that the village is a welcoming and open place.

Resident Jolene Francis expressed pleasure with Council’s decision. “I have lived in this community for 56 years, and it feels good to finally be seen and given the same recognition as the men.”

Council member Richard Johnson suggested that this was an easy decision, for personal reasons. “I continue to get messages from people on Facebook that I’ve never heard of, and it’s really impacting my Candy Crush time. Hopefully this will quiet them all down!”

When asked how the village plans to publicize the name change, Johnson rolled out the new advertising slogan that they believe is guaranteed to appease recent critics: “Chip(wo)man: No Flags Allowed!”

“That’s great, this slogan really captures my true feelings,” Francis said, as other local residents nodded in agreement. “Oh…Wait, can you repeat that? The last part wasn’t clear…”

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