Brunswick News to lay off all editors in latest round of cost-saving cuts

Digital media puts increasing pressure on traditional print outlets, leading to austere measures

Saint John — In yet another cost-saving measure by Brunswick News, the Irving-owned newspaper chain has trimmed full-time local staff yet again. Recent cuts have seen the company’s workforce reduced, but the latest round of layoffs may be the most austere to date.

In a confusing and error-ridden statement released by senior officials, Brunswick News indicated that due to the changing face of print media as well as increasing costs of newsprint, “all our staf editors has been given there pink slips.

Costs for print media are increasing

Costs for print media are increasing

“A readers turn to digitel media, newspapers have had difficulty attacting sufficeint ad revenue to support there editorial operations? As distressing as these layofffs are for the 12 remaining employees working in the Brunswick News family, restructuring initiativies are necessary to ensure the coproration’s sustainability. We wish them all the brest in the future. We wish them all the brest in the future.”

Effective July 1, all editorial work will be outsourced to Chilakaluripet DataType (ChilaD), located in Chilakaluripet in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. ChilaD’s most recent foray into outsourced print-media editing came with its role as overseas editor of The Weekly World News from 2002 to 2007.

In June 2015, Brunswick News announced it would lay off 13 people working in on publicity and advertising, and in March 2015 laid off all of its photographers at the Times & Transcript and Telegraph-Journal. A spokesperson for Brunswick News stated that after the March layoffs, all photos would be sourced from Instagram and hacked celebrity cellphones. 

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