Celtic Affairs minister unveils government-funded New Brunswick-Irish cuisine website

Celtic Affairs minister unveils government-funded New Brunswick-Irish cuisine website

Miramichi — For the past 6 months, staff of MLA Lisa Harris have been accumulating recipes from New Brunswickers who are proud of their Irish heritage. “Food connects all of us,” says Harris. “We wanted a way for the whole province to appreciate the authentic flavours of the Irish diaspora in New Brunswick.”

The Manatee have been granted an exclusive look at the website. With recipes such as “Hotdog shoved into microwaved potato” and “Big Mac with Wendy’s fries in the middle,” the website could very well be a trailblazer in a new movement toward extra-comfortable comfort food.

“I’m Irish, I’m pretty sure anyways, and I’m happy that I got paid some money to tell you what I eat,” said Canterbury resident Corey O’Brien, who submitted the recipe “Cold Chinese food between two pieces of white bread,” for which he received a grant of $5,000 for its submission, and $2,000 for its development. “Man, have you tried that shit? You gotta.”LisaHarris

With an average cook time of 4 minutes and an average prep time of 30 seconds, the recipes reflect an appreciation for convenience as well as taste. “New Brunswickers appreciate their time,” said Harris. “After they manage to load the website, which we admit may take a minute, they will find only the most efficient of kitchen solutions… so they can get back to spending time with their families.”

The website’s official launch was scheduled for yesterday, but the site ran into some technical glitches. Manatee staff were shown unpublished versions of the recipes as the site was still not “fully ready.”

“Keep hitting refresh, guys,” Harris suggested. “Just give it a minute.”

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