Color Run to be ‘inclusive to all D-bags’ this year

Color Run to be ‘inclusive to all D-bags’ this year

Saint John — Since 2011, the Color Run Tour has been a major international event combining the fundraising strategy of Run for the Cure with the profit model of a typical corporation. “It’s the happiest 5K on the planet!” Terry Bosworth, organizer of the Saint John Color Run event, quoted from the Tour’s website.

“Last year we inspired D-bags from all fitness levels to come out and celebrate their individuality with us. We were particularly popular among D-bag couples… But we want to be even more inclusive. So this year, bring your little D-bags with you!”

Local D-bag Sarah Fowell welcomed the news: “My little D-bags were so jealous of me last year when I came home looking like a rainbow!” Fowell insisted that The Manatee mention that she is training for the Tough Mudder race, in which she plans to partake “not next year but probably the year after that.”colour2

Jamie Angle, a South End resident and father of 3, is boldly defying the Color Run Tour by holding his own, similar event with his family and friends. “It turns out that just running down the street is 100% free,” he said, “also that safe dye stuff is available at the Dollar Store.”

The Facebook page for Angle’s event stresses that it is possible to be happy even if one is not a D-bag living well above the poverty line. Within hours of Angle’s Facebook event page going live, The Color Run announced it would be seeking damages from Angle for infringing on its trademarked use of dye for the purposes of having fun and also its trademarked use of the word “happy.”

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