Co-worker having ‘case of the Mondays’ actually just a bitch

Co-worker having ‘case of the Mondays’ actually just a bitch

Fredericton — With the weekend come and gone, New Brunswickers everywhere have left their partying ways behind to get back to “the grind” this Monday morning.

Many, though, will struggle to get through the start of their workweek without becoming angry at a co-worker, telling off a customer or whining about how much they hate their job, only to blame Monday when questioned about their miserable ways.

“It’s just a classic case of the Mondays,” excused Sharon Larianov, an accountant for the Department of Fisheries. “Nothing’s going my way today, everyone is pissing me off and the boss won’t leave me alone — just a regular Monday for me.”

Larianov’s co-workers know enough to steer clear of her each Monday morning at the office on Bishop Drive.

“Mondays are especially bad,” said Hank Marley, who works on the same floor as Larianov, “but she’s pretty unbearable every day. I think she just uses Mondays as an excuse to comfortably be the person she really is — an awful one.”

Betty Henderson shared Marley’s sentiment, saying that Larianov’s behaviour doesn’t improve much throughout the week.

“Last week I called her out on being rude to me on a Thursday,” recalled Henderson, “and she was like ‘Sorry, Betty, it’s just because it’s Monday’… she was totally confused when I told her it was Thursday and that she’s always a bitch. The only thing she was upset about in the first place was that there wasn’t enough coffee left in the pot to fill her cup, and so she goes on some tangent about how ‘classic’ it was or something.”

Our reporter pressed Larianov on the matter, asking whether she had any empathy for her co-workers.

“Oh, great!” she shouted. “I really don’t need this today — not on a Monday!”

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