‘Extinction Rebellion’ blocks path of Halifax segway tour

‘Extinction Rebellion’ blocks path of Halifax segway tour

Halifax — There was a major upset this morning on the Halifax waterfront as members of a prominent environmental group, Extinction Rebellion, blocked the path of the popular Halifax City Segway Tour.

Tensions came to a head when a video emerged of the Segway tour guide confronting a member of the protest group after flashing a quick shaka at the protestors and yelling for them to “make way, brah!”

An unidentified member of Extinction Rebellion then verbally lambasted the rolling group of sightseers, insisting they have had all week to save up for a Harbour Hopper ticket.

The demonstration is the latest in a series of events designed to upset the regular operation of Halifax in an attempt to draw attention to the growing climate crisis. The event has been widely debated online and remains a polarizing topic given how essential the Segway tour is to the city’s day-to-day functions.

Comments appearing on Twitter and Reddit illustrated a wide divide on the topic.

“I only saw a 12-second video of the event, but I’m with the Segway guy and I’ll stand by this opinion as relentlessly as possible,” was a tweet gaining steam with almost a dozen likes.

“I only respect protesters who act in such a way that I don’t even notice they’re there, much less what their supposed message is,” reads a comment on Reddit’s r/Halifax, with one response reading, “I agree. The fact that the whole city is talking about the protest is a clear sign they’ve failed completely. I bet they’re embarrassed #IsSmokesStillOpen?”

Several of the Segway operators stood by as the two exchanged insults and argued. One rider began spinning in circles while vaping “chunky clouds” while a further three lost control of the machines completely and wiped out in the sand by the volleyball court. A man on a hoverboard who appeared to be uninvolved casually parted the line of protestors to shouts of “crossing the picket line” an exclamation he could not hear over his dope Beats headphones.

HRP were contacted but were too busy responding to a Greenpeace attack on Theodore Tugboat to immediately take action. They did, however, say they would promptly send a police force outnumbering the protesters 3:1 and shut down the #4 bus “just in case.”

At press time, the group was diligently blocking the Segway path while enjoying the unseasonably warm October weather.

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