Fredericton man makes 'MasterChef Canada' debut

Fredericton — Friends and family of Fredericton resident Kevin Gregory spent a frustrating post-Super Bowl hour playing “Where’s Waldo” in a bid to spot him in this season’s first episode of MasterChef Canada.

“I had to keep pausing and rewinding it,” said Jason Willis, Gregory’s longtime friend. “Poor guy got less airtime than Lenny Kravitz during the half-time show.”

Unlike the ubiquitous Waldo’s easy-to-spot trademark red and white shirt, Gregory was a little more difficult to pick out from the crowd. “And then I said, ‘Look Len, there he is in the purple shirt,'” Gregory’s excited mother, Carole, told The Manatee‘s reporter.

Gregory’s father Leonard looked less than enthused about his son’s wardrobe choices in the episode. “Sure, that purple shirt made him easier to spot, but purple? Purple?? I tried to warn him about how the show may portray him, but he just wouldn’t listen.”

Gregory’s sister Karla was even less generous with her assessment of his brief appearances in the episode and suspects some tricky editing was at play. “My brother’s a pretty big Scottish lad,” she quipped. “They must have used some kind of computer animation or something to crop that big head of his out of most the shots.”

Other supporters of the local man’s culinary endeavours were concerned about one shot in particular where he rubbed his face in apparent frustration. “He had that same stressed look Marshawn Lynch wore when the Seahawks screwed up at the 1-yard line,” said neighbour Matthew Spencer. “I hope that doesn’t mean he threw the competition.”

As for Gregory himself, he seems to be holding up well under the immense pressure; he has even recently found love. “Like, when I met him at the Upper Deck, I thought he was, you know, too old for me,” said glowing 21-year old girlfriend Courtney Alain as the pair canoodled on Gregory’s sofa. “But as soon as he told me he was starring in MasterChef Canada, I was like ‘Oh my god we have so much in common!’ If he wins the $100,000, I’ll know for sure we’re soulmates.”

For now, Gregory remains tight-lipped as to what future episodes hold for him. “Just keep watching,” he told this reporter with a wink. “I can’t give it all away, but I may just be one of the biggest clowns in the show’s history.”

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