Ganong jumps aboard Energy East project

St. Stephen — Senior Ganong executives announced today that the company has entered into a deal that would see a second pipeline built in tandem with the energy east oil project. The second pipeline would be dedicated to the delivery of liquified chocolate to Ganong’s plant in St. Stephen.

“There’s no local source for the chocolate we use in our confectioneries and we figured since plans are in the works for a pipeline to Saint John, we’d piggyback on the effort,” said a spokesperson.

The plan is part of a multimillion-dollar “Wonkification” of the St. Stephen operation. “Once completed, the pipeline will enter through a hole on the second floor of our plant. From there it will cascade over rocks and then flow into a decadent chocolate river that will snake through the plant, just like in the Willy Wonka movie. Kids will love it!” said the spokesperson.

“This project will be great for tourism in St. Stephen, great for the candy industry and ultimately, great for Ganong.”

Company officials also hope the move will ease opposition to the planned Energy East project. “No one likes the idea of millions of barrels of oil flowing across their property, but we’re hoping that having a pipeline of delicious chocolate right next door will calm opponents’ fears. Heck, some might even start hoping for a breach in our pipeline,” he joked.

Temporary foreign workers from Romania who do much of the work at the Ganong facility were pleased to hear that they would be able to continue their employment in the province while New Brunswickers move west to build the pipeline.

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