Moncton residents demanding action on apparent lack of fast-food dining options

Moncton – Recent city council meetings have seen a growing number of disgruntled Monctonians voicing their outrage over a perceived lack of choice and convenience for fast-food dining in the southern New Brunswick city. Council meetings have become increasingly heated, with angry citizens urging public action on the supposed sorry state of fast food in the area.

“There’s only like two places to get fried chicken now, and like only one Taco Bell and it’s in frigging Dieppe!” said a visibly irate Tammy Wilson to city council members, during a Monday night meeting. “I live in the West End and I don’t want to have to drive all the way over to Dieppe just to get a couple of chilli cheese frigging burritos!”

Adding, “I got a friend whose cousin lives down in the States, and she said they have like way more other places down there.”

Tammy’s comments were met with overwhelming vocal support by the packed City Hall crowd. One man shouted: “Yeah, like why can’t we get like a frigging White Castle or something!”  The unidentified man was later forcibly removed by RCMP after repeated verbal outbursts.

“They need to get off their butts and do something!” said local Mike Stevens, one of the attendees who sat down to speak with us shortly after the council meeting had adjourned. “Downtown they got all these fancy new Japanese places now and whatever. I mean, what about something for the little guy,” gasped the 34-year-old call centre worker, still catching his breath after descending a single flight of stairs. “I got kids to feed and I can’t be taking them to McDonalds every day — you’d be surprised, but they get sick of it after a while.”

When pressed for comment, Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc said there was little the city could do about the public’s concern, stating: “While we’re certainly not opposed to more of these types of businesses, ultimately it comes down to investors and the franchises themselves to set up shop here.” Adding, “But if I were to speak to those people I would definitely say investing in Moncton would be a wise choice. When it comes to fast food, people in this city will eat anything.”

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