Fredericton Police clarify that playing Pokémon while driving ‘still OK’

Fredericton Police clarify that playing Pokémon while driving ‘still OK’

Fredericton — On Wednesday the Fredericton Police Force posted on social media saying that “traffic blitz’s” will be taking place to catch citizens texting while driving. If caught, motorists will face a fine of at least $340.50 and be dinged 5 demerit points.

After several concerned Facebook users commented asking whether Pokémon Go is included in the texting-while-driving crackdown, police were quick to clarify that, no, the game beloved by 30-something men is still perfectly fine to play while driving.

“You get stuck in traffic in your morning commute, you need something to do — we understand that,” said Sheila Fitsimmonds of the Fredericton Police. “And we’re well aware that the slogan is ‘Gotta catch ’em all,’ not ‘Maybe try to catch ’em all if you’re out on a walk alone.’

“So, of course, Pokémon Go is still OK. But you’d better not let us catch you texting your mother to tell her you’re running late for dinner. That’s just irresponsible conduct that puts everyone at risk.”

One local was especially relieved that the distracted driving laws do not apply to his favourite game.

“It’s important that I play on my commute to and from work — that’s the best time to use my Daily Incense to attract different types of Pokémon,” said Trevor Kohl, 38, in-game level 49. “I don’t leave the house apart from driving to work or the grocery store, so how else am I supposed to hatch eggs or build my friendship level with my partner Pokémon?”




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