Deadmau5 can’t see through stupid mask, agrees to play in Halifax by mistake

Deadmau5 can’t see through stupid mask, agrees to play in Halifax by mistake

Halifax — Deadmau5, an electronic musician from Ontario, accidentally agreed to play a Canada Day show in Halifax, his impaired vision leading him to believe he was in Toronto at the time he accepted the gig.

“My flight landed here today, and I just assumed I was in Toronto,” he told our reporter. “It’s possible that by mistake I got on a commercial aircraft rather than my private jet — it’s pretty dark in here and I can’t see too well. The mayor of Halifax — who I thought was the mayor of Toronto — approached me and asked if I’d play here on Canada Day, and I was like, ‘Sure! Anything for my home city.’ Everyone seemed a little too thrilled, which is when I got suspicious.”

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage said he saw the ridiculous-looking mouse-head disembark a plane at the Stanfield International Airport, and decided to make a move.

“I was there picking up my nephew who’s visiting for the summer, and out of the corner of my eye I see this metallic monstrosity glinting in the sunlight…” recalled the mayor. “My nephew said it was a ‘dead mouse’ or something like that, and that everyone loves the guy, and that he plays music or something. I thought, ‘What better way to win votes than get a celebrity to play here in Halifax on Canada Day?’ The rest, as they say, is history.”

Deadmau5 said he’s not one to go back on his word — or back on his idiotic name, which actually began as a typo.

“My Toronto fans will be disappointed, but I said I’d play in Halifax, so play here I will,” he said, hanging his obscenely dumb-looking head. “Serves me right for not thinking to make bigger eye-holes in this gigantic mouse mask I wear for no apparent reason.”

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