Grocery stores to alleviate fear of empty shelves by ‘tossing everything into a big pile’

Grocery stores to alleviate fear of empty shelves by ‘tossing everything into a big pile’

New Brunswick — If you’ve walked into a grocery store this past week, you might have noticed that the shelves are looking a little more sparse than usual. Don’t panic. According to these businesses, a recent string of storms is to blame for supply chain issues, and they will hopefully be resolved in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, grocery stores across the province have developed a solution to make the shortages less obvious. Namely, tossing all of their products into a massive pile in the centre of their stores, where customers will be invited to rummage for their desired items.

“We believe this will give our products a greater sense of volume overall,” said Mary Anne Parker, media liaison for Atlantic Superstore. “It’s really quite impressive to see everything piled together. Takes your breath away.”

Speaking of taking your breath away, there has been some concern that this new measure will not properly comply with the recent Level 3 COVID restrictions mandated across the province. Parker assured The Manatee that the company is taking steps to address this. 

“We will be placing clear directional arrows on the floor so that customers know how to properly enter, then safely exit the frenzied horde,” she explained.

For many, this solution may not seem desirable, but Parker explained that it is a better option than the alternatives. 

“Have you seen what Sobeys is doing?” she asked, with a look of disgust. “They’re hosting physical challenges between customers for the opportunity to purchase their limited product. It’s despicable.”

When reached for comment, Sobeys CEO Michael Medline replied in the form of an emailed statement.

“They can call us ‘despicable’ all they want. The fact is, we’re the ones with the Roku streaming deal for our new competitive game show.”

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