‘Ice Road Truckers’ coming to New Brunswick

‘Ice Road Truckers’ coming to New Brunswick

New Brunswick — Do you drive truck like no one’s business? If so, you may just have what it takes to star in the newest season of Ice Road Truckers (IRT), being filmed right here in the Picture Province.

“New Brunswick roads take forever to get plowed during the winter, and some just never are. We’ve heard of truck flips, spin-outs, rear-enders, not to mention navigating through the already terrible drivers all over the road,” said show spokesperson Kelly Moorecroft.

“You thought Alabama and Canada’s north were bad — wait until you see truckers trying to drive through New Brunswick’s stretch of Highway 101 during a snowstorm at supper hour!”

IRT’s producers have a few of New Brunswick’s popular truckers already confirmed to be featured on the show, but are still searching for a couple more talented drivers who would perform well on camera and under stress.

Some of the already confirmed drivers for the new season are:

-Remi “Le Chiac Guy” Laflamme

-Ron “The Hog” Jacobs of Midland Courier

-Jim Barnes (A.K.A. “The Dungarvon Whooper”)

-Matt MacLeod and his famous truck “Hell’s Taxi”

-Jim Gilbert (Canada’s Most Huggable Car Dealer)

The show’s producers offered the provincial Department of Transportation $800K to not plow the highways this winter, but apparently the department wasn’t going to anyway.

“Premier Higgs has made some big cutbacks since taking office, and we’ve had to sell all our plows to Quebec to stay afloat,” explained transportation minister Bill Oliver.

“We were hoping that since everyone already says we never plow, nobody would notice if we actually didn’t. At least now we get an extra 800 grand from the show to use during construction season in case we need to pay to keep it going a bit longer.”

Fans of the Ice Road Truckers in Atlantic Canada are looking froward to the new season and fresh challenges.

“I always said driving over a frozen lake is no big deal; me and the boys do it all the time on our snowmobiles up at Mactaquac,” said Burtt’s Corner resident Craig Murchison.

“Now show me a trucker going 110 all the way from Florenceville-Bristol to Alma at midnight in January, and you’ve got me hooked.”

  1. Looking forward to taking my Kawasaki Mule with tracks on the show and letting “The Good Times Roll” Hugs to all Jim.. remember to vote for me..

    • The show is a joke and bad for the industry why do you rmthink they have to cgange locations all the time I’ve seen it first hand.

  2. We are very happy and delighted to hear the ice road truckers are coming to new brunswick canada and cant waite till we see our folks on cam question when of what date are u bringing it to telievision

  3. The names of the truck drivers sounds like the were IRT NB were in contact with Vince McMahon’s creative dept!!
    What about Black Jack Shelaque the roughest the toughest in all dem dar parts!

  4. Where do we sign up lol

  5. You want a show???! Put one of your camera crew in the cab with one of the plow drivers that spend 12+ hours a day in a cab of the plow truck trying to keep our roads open. They have been side swiped, rear ended, called ever name in the book and and almost run over by drivers passing them. Do drivers not realize once you pass the plow truck the road is not going clear.

  6. Please don’t make this another embarrassing show for the trucking industry.

  7. Can’t wait to see it.

  8. James Donovan July 3, 2019, 3:38 pm

    Any idea if they ever filmed it? There has been no announcement from History about a new season.


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