Maritime dads insist you open the windows, let a little air in

Maritime dads insist you open the windows, let a little air in

Halifax — Dads across Atlantic Canada have noticed the temperatures rising, and they want to make sure you know that you should open the windows of your apartment or house, to let the air circulate.

Fathers who during winter are obsessed with the thermostat and conserving heat are now turning their full attention to proper ventilation.

“You need to ventilate the place a bit. It’s stagnant in here and that’s not good for you,” said local dad Mick Harmon, while entering his daughter’s apartment uninvited. “It’s 20 degrees today!” he exclaimed, before rushing around and cranking open all the windows himself.

Some dads have also noticed that you still have the heat on, which is completely unnecessary at this time of year.

“There’s absolutely no need to be paying the power commission for heat when the sun is out — it’s a beautiful day,” lectured Gerry Smith, a Dartmouth dad. “Open the blinds and the house will heat up pretty quick, free of charge.”

The same dads also suggest you get outside to “blow the stink off ya.”

“Don’t stay cooped up all day; you should go for a walk or maybe a bike ride — just enjoy the day!” insisted dad Larry Fraser of Browns Flat.

“They’re calling for rain next week and you’ll be wishing you took advantage of this good weather. Anyway, doesn’t matter to me what you do, but did I mention it’s 20 degrees today?!”

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