Moncton man’s Facebook status garners 53 likes, ‘new personal best’

Moncton – In a stunning display of wit, local Moncton man Pete Richardson, 36, posted a Facebook status this morning of unprecedented humour and acumen.

“The ‘likes’ just kept piling up – and not just from the usuals, but people from high school, college, and even some work people I don’t even like went ahead and liked it,” he said with a shrug. “They were coming out of the woodwork.”

“My wife couldn’t believe it either,” he added. “Her statuses usually get way more ‘likes’ than mine, but that’s because she always adds emoticons and those ‘feeling sad’ type descriptors that really reel people in.”

When the status hit 50 “likes” and 20 comments, he knew it was the big one, Richardson said with a modesty more fitting of someone who’d posted a grainy photo of their food than the man whose status received more than 50 thumbs up.

The status itself was somewhat generic, which Richardson says is the key to getting those “likes” you can’t get for something too specific or personal. “It was ‘Can’t wait for Thanksgiving – I’m gonna eat turkey till I puke!’ I think people enjoyed it so much because everyone loves eating turkey, but I kind of made it funny and a little gross. It really reached nearly everyone on my friend list,” he said, blushing.

“I didn’t wake up feeling that witty today, but sometimes you just get lucky. This was my new personal best.”

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