‘No Mow May’ just about the only challenge man can get behind

‘No Mow May’ just about the only challenge man can get behind

Fredericton — Local man Devon Armstrong is happy to be contributing meaningfully to an environmental cause he believes in — “No Mow May.”

No Mow May is an action — or inaction — called for by the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help pollinators and other wildlife by not mowing for the month of May. It gives insects and their food supplies a chance to thrive.

Participation is easy: all you have you to do is, well, nothing.

“I’m a big fan of doing nothing — and if it helps the environment, that’s just a bonus,” said Dave Brighton of Fredericton. “It’s even better than Earth Day, because I’m not really into touching garbage on my free time. But not touching my lawn? Easy.

“For Mother’s Day I actually offered my Mom not to mow her lawn — I think she appreciates having such an environmentally conscious son. She made me a big meal, then I just sat back and had a beer on her porch and watched the bees fly around. Pretty good day, on the whole!”

Not everyone is so happy about the initiative. When the City of Fredericton posted to promote No Now May, several naysayers and negative Nancys chimed in to say they would not be participating.

“Why wouldn’t I mow my lawn?! Just because the so-called government says not to?!!? Screw them!” said one commenter.

“I hate bees and insects!” said another. “Why would we want to save them! They’re pests! Kill them all!”

Several insisted that printing the signs to mount along the trails promoting No Mow May is more destructive than beneficial.

“Waste of paper if you ask me!” said a particularly irate Facebook commenter. “Why don’t you do something useful and save our tax dollars! Shameful!”

As for Brighton, he feels he’s done his duty as a citizen of planet Earth.

“I honestly might keep it going into June and July,” he said. “Even August. Anything I can do to help.”

  1. I haven’t mowed my lawn yet this mounth


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