PEI to rename bridge ‘Epekwitk,’ your dad will continue to call it ‘too damn expensive’

PEI to rename bridge ‘Epekwitk,’ your dad will continue to call it ‘too damn expensive’

Prince Edward Island — Last week, the Prince Edward Island legislature unanimously voted to ask the federal government to rename the bridge connecting the province to New Brunswick.

If this proceeds as expected, “Confederation Bridge” will be renamed “Epekwitk Bridge,” in honour of the name originally given to the land by the Mi’kmaq. 

These discussions are taking place just as your father was making a business trip onto the island earlier this week. After finishing this work, he returned to New Brunswick Wednesday morning.

“That’ll be $50.25, please,” the young woman in the booth said after your dad’s car had pulled up.

“Fifty dollars!?” he cried. “Are you kidding me!?”

“I-I’m afraid that’s the toll, sir,” the woman replied, looking embarrassed.

“Jumipin’ Jesus, I’d rather swim,” he grumbled, ostensibly to himself, but loud enough for everyone in the car to hear. Nevertheless, he reluctantly paid the toll and drove back into Bayfield.

The Manatee reminded your father that he would be able to write off the toll as a business expense. Annoyed, he said that it was “the principle of the thing.”

The cost of the toll aside, your father seems to have no strong feelings about the politics behind the name change. 

“I don’t care what you call it — just don’t call me late to dinner. Eh?” he said, nudging your younger brother on the shoulder. “Eh?” 

“I heard you,” your brother mumbled.

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