Royal couple check out what McDonald’s is like in Canada

Royal couple check out what McDonald’s is like in Canada

Victoria — Late on day 6 of their 8-day visit to Canada, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge strolled into what William hoped to be “just a typical Canadian McDonald’s.”

With Princess Charlotte asleep in Kate’s arms and Prince George looking bored, William squinted at the menu. “Yep, got that back home, yep… yep, got that but it’s called something else. Hey honey, look at this!”

Onlookers said that Kate Middleton appeared tired. “Yep, pretty neat, bae.”

With no advance notice of the visit, the manager of the McDonald’s struggled to make the event a memorable one. A cashier presented Prince George with a free Happy Meal toy. The Duchess of Cambridge raised her eyebrows and winced at the gesture.

“He really doesn’t like being condescended to.”

Prince George snubbed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sept. 25 when he left him hanging for what he described as an “awkward, pathetic” high-five.

In this case, George took the high road and responded graciously to the commoner. “It’s OK, thank you very much. This is a nice toy.”mcdonalds

William wrapped up the visit with a trip to the men’s room.

“Hey, so I think the motion-detector sinks are broken,” said the prince. “I was literally waving my hands everywhere in and around the sink and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the timing of the water or how much came out.”

At that point, Kate thanked restaurant staff and began ushering everyone back to the hotel.

  1. What snobby c*nts. Why bother going to a FAST-FOOD restaurant if all you’re going to do is rip it apart for not being Cockingham Palace? Typical brits.


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