Sackville local drinking double-double in truck gives directions to Nova Scotia

Sackville local drinking double-double in truck gives directions to Nova Scotia

Sackville — Sackville, N.B. man C. Mack had the rare opportunity during Sunday’s storm to offer assistance to two confused “tourists” who were on their way to Nova Scotia.

“So I’m just sitting in my truck having my Timmies when these two come up and ask for directions to Nova Scotia,” began Mack. “I was sippin’ my coffee and listening to the CBC weather report, just takin’ it easy. They didn’t look like they were from around here, what with one of them riding some kind of mythical beast.”

The Tim Hortons parking lot where Mack spent Sunday morning before work was nearly empty because of the extreme weather conditions, he recalled. “So I knew it had to be some kind of emergency when these scraggly-lookin’ Ontario types — who by the way weren’t dressed for the weather at all — knocked on my window.

“They surprised me… I nearly spit out my coffee, but I was happy to lend a hand. They kept complaining about the road signs. One of them said: ‘All the government signage coming off the Trans-Canada Highway just lists the names of town roads, but nowhere does it say Sackville. So we’re wondering if this is Halifax?’ They thought they’d already made it clear to Nova-freakin’-Scotia — can you believe that!?”

Mack said the two travellers, after expressing initial discouragement at their location, commented on the overall bleakness of the area, the messiness of the Tantramar Marshes, and the friendliness of the locals.

“I offered to buy them a donut or something to go with their coffee, but they said they’d be continuing on their way. Poor suckers. Wonder if they ever made it?”

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