Snow before Remembrance Day ‘disrespectful’: Maritimers

Snow before Remembrance Day ‘disrespectful’: Maritimers

Atlantic Canada — Environment Canada is calling for the first winter storm of the season for Thursday night and some Maritimers are chiming in with their displeasure, saying that snow before Remembrance Day is simply disrespectful and in poor taste.

“Look, I don’t know who controls the weather,” growled Fredericton resident Gloria Stray. “God, Mother Nature, Cindy Day — I don’t care who it is — they should know better than to let it snow before November 11th.”

Stray took to Facebook to get others behind her cause. She then shared her post with our reporter:

“This has gone too far now!!! First it was Christmas music and decorations and now it’s full-blown snow!!! The government needs to put a stop to this immediately!!! I thought these types of weather-related injustices would stop after we finally elected a Green Party member in Fredericton!!! Guess you’re just a corporate leech, Jenica. So sad. I’m calling on all of my foot soldiers to join me in not putting up with this snow before Remembrance Day!!! Everyone: do your part to rid your property and belongings of snow as soon as it falls. We will do what we know is right and we don’t care who we offend because we’ve been offended!!! To all government officials who are allowing this disgusting display to take place: how dare you?! You have taken away my dreams! You have taken away all that is good and just in the world with your inaction!!!”

Our reporter asked around the streets of Fredericton and found that all were in agreement that it’s too early for snow and that it should be banned until at least after Remembrance Day.

“Going to the cenotaph is already dreadful enough,” moaned Becky Louise. “Now I’m going to have to stand in some snow for an hour, too? That’s just gross.”


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