ATVs to be given access to all roads, trails in New Brunswick

ATVs to be given access to all roads, trails in New Brunswick

New Brunswick — Some may view them as a scourge, but effective at the end of the week, ATVs will be granted access to all New Brunswick roads — including highways, rural roads, city streets and municipal trails.

“We just can’t fight it anymore,” said local police officer Jeremy Burtt. “We’re tired of chasing them down, when, frankly, our resources are better spent doling out speeding tickets and posting about it on Facebook for the quick win.”

ATVs are now legally considered vehicles, and given all the same rights and freedoms.

Many private property owners are upset about the news, having already tried in vain to keep the ATV enthusiasts from trespassing.

“We’ve been told that when new regulations come into effect, we have to allow these nutbars to tear into our yards and across fields, because they’re ‘ALL terrain vehicles’ and our private land, roads and waterways are part of ‘all terrain’!” cried farmer Jack MacKenzie of Keswick.

“They already ripped down my No Trespassing signs and dug up my fences, just so they could pass through. They destroy everything they touch, and we’re giving them more access? Well, fine, but that just means I’m taking my tractor on the road, too.”

“No one likes cyclists, so we’re going to widen any existing bike lanes and convert those into ATV-only lanes,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Jill Green. “And I would advise citizens to simply get out of the way — fast — if you’re out for a family stroll on one of our beautiful trails.

“It’s not that hard. Just move your strollers, dogs and elderly relatives aside so the ATVers can pass. We know they kick up a lot of dust, but you can resume wearing face masks if that’s a concern.”

Premier Blaine Higgs has said that, while he himself doesn’t ATV in his spare time, he understands the appeal, and he argues that all vehicles should be considered viable on all roadways.

“With the exception of vehicles that don’t burn fuel, such as bicycles, we at Irv– I mean the provincial government believe that the economic boost provided by gas-eating vehicles should be encouraged, everywhere, all the time.”

  1. April 26, 2022, 10:50 am

    Wow, that is big news. Did not realize there were laws against riding ATVs on roads, trails, etc.

  2. This is good for the law abiding people a d do understand too what the farmers and private land owners fear! Hopefully any private land can be posted and gated off to help these people out.

  3. Well done New Brunswick

  4. Sorry to disapoint atv owners because if you had read further, it specifies that the allowed roads are not true entirely. They are sections onky , duly identified by signs soecifically for areas where no registered trails exist to permit access to services such as gaz, restaurants tourist sites etc. Not permitted everywhere. False news. I checked with the department.. You cause havac in society mounting brothers against brothers to sell more of your fences that you speccialise in. And you are being denounced to the PNB and quad clubs.

  5. Finally a reporter who understands who runs the province. She basically says it at the end


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